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This was the first year that I've done the 10 x 10 challenge. I learned about it mid-January, and did not choose my final ten games until most of the month had evaporated. The challenge is designed to prevent against the tendency of newer games to overshadow the gems of your collection. I decided to pick ten different mechanics and find games I would commit to playing that had that mechanic at its core. I also wanted to ensure that no game would be an easy, automatic entry.

Colossal Arena

Betting - Systematically eliminate your opponents' creatures while protecting your own

Colt Express

Programming - Become the greatest bandit by robbing, punching and shooting your opponents


Deck Builder - the grandfather of all deck builders and my favorite game of all time. The 2009 game of the year

Fairy Tale

Drafting - A Drafting game where hate drafting what your opponents want actually pays off


Racing - Race around the island while plundering and fighting your way to victory in this resource management game

King of Tokyo

Dice Rolling - A family friendly classic - it's Yahtzee with super powers and fighting. Who doesn't love giant monsters?

Race For The Galaxy

Simultaneous Action Selection - Build your empire quickly and efficiently by choosing the best phases in which to participate

Roll Through The Ages

City Building - All the feeling of a city building game compressed into less than an hour in this civilization game

Sheriff of Nottingham

Bluffing - Lie to your friends to their face in this simple game of risk and reward. Or make them think you are lying

Small world

Area Control - This small world isn't big enough for all of us; choose the race and special power combination to conquer the most territories.