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The Board Game Bandit

Favorite Games

Smash Up
Settlers of Catan
Kingdom Builder
Race for the Galaxy
Small World
Star Realms

The Board Game Bandit

My name is Jim and I have been playing modern board games for over a decade and specialize in teaching games, mathematical analysis and board game programming. The purpose of this site is to help spread the hobby of board gaming while providing in-depth analysis of some of my favorite games. I teach games to new players at least three days a week and love to volunteer at conventions or events to promote the hobby. I have also done playtesting for various digital board games.

Current Location

Raleigh, NC. Home to a very flourishing board game community

Other Interests

In addition to designing my own board games, I have also made computer versions of games such as Settlers of Catan, Castle Panic and Abandon Ship. I also create puzzles and Escape Room packages when I can. I routinely make my own pizza, ice cream and italian ices to bribe people into coming to game days/nights.