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In Smash Up, players are given two factions which are combined to form a single deck. Each faction has unique cards and abilities that help players win by smashing bases. There are over 50 factions to date giving the game an extreme amount of replayability

How to Onboard a New Player

Smash Up is an amazing game full of tension and strategy but it can be difficult for newcomers to learn. Follow these steps to bring new players up to speed quickly

All About That Base

Bases are an important aspect of Smash Up that do more than increase the replayability. What are some interesting bases to choose for your factions?

How To Win With Innsmouth

While many believe the Innsmouth to be the weakest faction because they deprioritize their partner faction, there are several pairings that can use them effectively.

How Smash Up Killed Magic For Me

Magic: The Gathering is an amazing game that stands as a testament of time and a monument to game design. Here's why I'll likely never play it again because of Smash Up.

Fantasy Smash Up

If Smash Up decks were drafted instead of pre-constructed, which minions and actions should you take? Let's explore what Fantasy Smash Up would look like.