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Bases can change the tide of a Smash Up game quickly and are designed to be either thematically or mechanically linked to their factions. Here are some of the most interesting bases to use, regardless of their faction.

Jungle Oasis

No ability? No description. This base is easy to break but difficult to win

The Homeworld

The Alien base where one extra minion is never enough and strength comes in numbers

Cave of Shinies

The only base where you actually want your minions to be destroyed

Rhodes Plaza Mall

The Zombie base where power means nothing and swarming means everything

Mushroom Kingdom

A base with an unblockable movement ability? Must be the Tricksters

House of Nine Lives

This base redefines what it means to be destroyed and can shut down entire factions

Ritual Site

With this base, you don't have to worry about being minion starved anymore.


A base where the minions you don't play here are just as important as the ones you do

Faceless City

Need a specific minion? All you have to do is play one here. Perfect for minions who stack


This Ignobles base plays perfectly into their strategy, as well as many others