Cave of Shinies

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cave of shinies


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Use With

Ninjas, Pirates, Killer Plants, Superheroes

I could have gone with the Bear Calvary Base Field of Honor, which grants VP 1) when one or more minions are destroyed, capping one VP per card and 2) to the player who caused the destruction. But Cave of Shinies provides unlimited VP and adds a risk to destruction whereas Field of Honor unfairly detracts from factions without destruction - they lose their minions and the opponents gain VP. This is a base where farming VP can provide more value than winning the base itself for four points, but to do both is a recipe for great success. If you can Powderkeg yourself strategically, it may be worth giving a few VP to your opponent if the payout is large enough. This is a great base to have at the end of the game where you can gain a VP quickly, particularly when it is revealed immediately before your turn and your opponent has no chance to react.

It's worth noting that, due to rules clarifications, the start of your turn is anything that occurs prior to playing a regular minion or a regular action. Therefore, Sprouts can turn into Sprouts resulting in four VP in a single turn. This is an excellent base for Mild Mannered Citizens as it provides an opportunity to farm VP and win the base as well.

If you are fortunate to have a base disabling ability, this is an excellent choice for it.