Faceless City

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Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion



Use With

Shapeshifters, Rock Stars, Innsmouth, Aliens, Dinosaurs

There are some factions that will not benefit from Faceless City because they have diverse minions. Princesses, Astro Knights, Itty Critters, Superheroes (to an extent) to name a few. But some factions will benefit greatly from having duplicates, especially ones that synergize together.

The Shapeshifter's G.E.L.F. is an excellent placeholder card that can summon almost any other minion. The first G.E.L.F. can get the second G.E.L.F. can they can wait for the precise moment to get whomever they want. Perhaps they will drop two mimics for ten power in addition to a normal minion.

The Dinosaurs' War Raptop obviously benefits from pack hunting, and the Rock Stars' Groupie can get another Groupie to play in batches with any that come up in your hand. For Aliens, it can be difficult to draw one Invader, let alone two, but this will give you access to both of your VP factories.

The Innsmouth have a lot of interesting powers here. Not only does the base allow you to obtain another Innsmouth for your hand, Faceless City has the added advantage of shuffling your deck, thereby undoing the damage of forcing your good cards to the bottom of your deck. Since the Innsmouth have same name extra minion plays, having those extra minions in hand will be extra useful.