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mushroom kingdom


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Use With

Tricksters, Princesses, Kittens, Ignobles

The Mushroom Kingdom has the ability to move your one of your opponents' minions to here. Why would you move them onto your base, especially one worth 5 VP? Aren't we trying to win this base ourselves?

Mushroom Kingdom's movement offers a lot of versatility, mostly because, as a base ability, it is nearly unblockable. The only exception to this is when minions cannot move or be moved here. You can use other players' strengths against them and use their power as a means to reach the breakpoint faster when combined with the power you play this turn. For Tricksters, particularly with fewer bases and fewer players, you can block one base with Leprechaun and funnel minions from the other base to here. The two Enshrouding Mists can also be used to play more minions here, and you can choose when to pull over those of your opponent and finish the base.

Princesses have a similar combination with Snow White. You can use the base's ability to pull a minion of your opponent, then use her talent to pull another Princess. If the King Minion of an opponent is out, fifteen of the twenty power can be supplied with one single card, making for an easy 5 VPs with a little more effort. Additionally, the Princesses can then move the minion off the base with Some Day My Prince Will Come.

Control based factions such as Kittens and Ignobles have some interesting plays here, particularly the latter. Since the Ignobles can give control to other players, you can pull the minion over while it is theirs and then take control back as a way of getting more power on the base, while still getting the extra cards, minions or actions that come with giving up control. Kittens can pull other minions and then take control of them for a quick power swing.