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Case and Desist Expansion


Astro Knights (Star Wars)

Use With


Most bases either provide thematic or synergistic sense for their faction. Pirate bases move people, Zombie bases discard cards. Mythic Horse bases consolidate multiple minions. Even the Astro Knights' Hive of Scum And Villainy benefits playing actions that increase power. This base, however, does not particularly help the Astro Knights, or anyone. Nor does it fit in with their mechanic (like the Pirates do, which is not an outright benefit, like the Mythic Horses). Normally this would annoy me; this base is just a big Star Wars reference. But that's OK, not because of any interest I have in that universe, but because of the effect that No-Moon has on the game.

Place a random base and all cards on it in the discard pile. This is unavoidable, because it is a base's ability and can completely disrupt what you are doing. If there are only three bases and this is one of them - do you spread out between the other two and minimize the damage, or pick one and hope the other gets randomly chosen? This can provide a game-changing shift that neither player can predict and makes for some very interesting strategies. With the Lephrecaun on No-Moon, you are greatly increasing the chance that your opponents' minions will be wasted by being forced to play on other bases. When combined with any blocking factions or constrictive playing cards, this base can be devastating.

If Smash Up ever creates a faction that can influence randomness, imagine how powerful this base will become.