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Use With

Zombies, Halfling, Robots, Kittens, Any Swarm Based Faction, Movement Based Factions

It's possible, and entirely plausible, to win a game of Smash Up with this base alone. My current record for VP is 11, and I could have easily gone for more if I had wanted. Each minion, regardless of its power, regardless of the controller's total power, nets the controller 1 VP. There is no other base I fear more when it comes out at an inopportune time.

Offensively, you want to place as many minions here as quickly as possible before your opponents do. Any faction that can play multiple minions in a single turn is going to do well. Zombies can have up to three Tenacious Z's here, as well as their regular minion, as well as their actions that play additional minions. This is likely why the Zombies own this base, though it is just as much a great destination for Robots and Halflings, which have the perfect combination of low power and extra minion plays, designed to overtake the base with numbers. Control based factions are also great here, as you can use opponents' minions here against them. Watch out for mass movement cards such as Felicia Day or Full Sail. These cards let you spread minions out before consolidating power for a massive VP payday.

Defensively, crowd control cards or persistent destruction are crucial to letting this base score on your turn. Crop Circles is the perfect reset button for this base; Powderkeg works similarly well, but at the cost of your minion rather than returning it to your hand. The Leprechaun and Flame Trap can force your opponents off of this base, which is great regardless of whether your factions can support a swarm strategy. Periodic destruction such as Ninjas or Pirates will slow down this base and make it manageable. Don't be afraid to Infiltrate this base or play a Jammed Signal if the VP spread is not to your liking