The House of Nine Lines

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Pretty Pretty Expansion


Kitty Cats (Kittens)

Use With

Any faction that has heavy destruction

Having your minions destroyed can be incredibly annoying. It slows the game down, ruins your plans, plays into your opponent's strategy and makes you expend another minion. This base has the potential to undo all of that.

There are many actions or minions that can prevent destruction on a single base alone. When played on this base, destruction becomes voluntarily. Any faction that gains advantages from destruction such as Vampires or Sharks, or destruction on the Field of Honor, can be invalidated. You can destroy your own minions as a way of moving them over to this base, which has four VP for a moderate 20 breakpoint.

This base combos nicely with the Kitten's Cool Cat Alley and amounts to moving a minion and drawing a card. With Sacrifice, a high powered minion can be moved and result in a large card draw for the Wizards, which generally plays into their strategy.