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Use With

Robots, Halflings, Innsmouth, Wizards, any power two heavy faction

Play as many two power minions from your hand as you'd like. While this base does tend to favor factions with strong two power minions, this base must still be played very carefully and timing is crucial. While it is fairly easy to maintain an early lead on this base, using too many minions can allow players to take an easy second place. In addition, you can find yourself minion starved for the foreseeable future. Waiting to play any minions here in order to drop a great deal of power in a single turn can be equally haphazard - wait too long and the base will be scored without you. You must consider the power output and hand sizes of your opponents carefully, just like with all bases.

Interestingly, this base does not require you to play the extra minion here, although that does break the chain. This can be useful for Robots if the last minion is the Microbot Alpha, played elsewhere for persistence after the Homeworld scores, but powering up the Microbot Fixer and other minions on the Homeworld.

Although they tend to be a weak faction, the Innsmouth are perfect for this base as each Locals card can retrieve up to three Locals cards that can be played on this base on the same turn, essentially purging the Locals from your deck and leaving the powerful Innsmouth actions.