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Cease and Desist



Use With

Ignobles, Aliens, Elves, everyone

Smash Up had a dearth of "second place" bases where second place was more desirable than first for many years. After starting off with two 2-3-2 Ninja bases, there were not many instances where second place was empirically better. This changed with Wintersquashed, and significantly so.

The Ignobles Bethrothed is a difficult card to use because not having it gains you a VP but the lack of power can cost you two VP for failing to get first place. Here, not only will you get the VP but it helps keep you in second place for four VP with a breakpoint of only 16. The Ignobles excel at giving up control and this base can be worth potentially seven VP if all betrothed are in play. The Sneaky Squires help a lot as they can play one minion to give and one minion to keep.

If you are losing on a base, this is one of the best bases on which to play Terraforming. You turn a disadvantage into an extreme advantage and the extra minion you play can be given to your opponent. With only 16 power as a breakpoint, the amount of minions here does not need to be very large before doing this.

Elves can be a pretty weak, situational faction, but their cards that help all other players work extremely well here as it pushes toward the breakpoint while keeping you firmly in second place. They also have escape cards with Run and Run Away More that can reposition their power elsewhere and secure second place.