Introducing new players to modern board gaming can be a difficult task. Selecting the correct gateway game solves much of the problem, which is why I created the SPREAD system. However, there is a lot to consider when promoting the hobby.

What is SPREAD?

Getting new people into the hobby of board gaming can be a difficult task and if often comes down to selecting the right game. Here are six things to remember when choosing your next gateway game

Gateway Games

An in-depth look at several candidates for gateway games as evaluated by the SPREAD system

Codenames - The Ultimate Gateway Game

I have had more success teaching Codenames to other players than any other game by far. Why has it become so popular so quickly?

The Social Nature of Gaming

Many people that playing board games is an anti-social hobby. Here's why I believe these critics are wrong.

Don't Be A Gaming Snob

There are games we enjoy; there are games we don't. How we convey our preferences is important in bringing more people into the hobby. We all have the potential to become gaming snobs and must avoid doing so.